After your computer is clean …

Now that your computer is clean and optimized you will need to be careful in your internet browsing etc., in order to keep it that way. We have removed malware that causes problems such as:

  • Slow response
  • Programs that don’t operate correctly
  • Theft of your personal information.



  • Use caution in downloading and installing ANYTHING. Research software First, especially ‘FREE’ software, applications, ANYTHING!
  • Beware of ALL toolbars, ‘antivirus’ offers, ‘optimizing’ software, ‘shopping’ software, downloaders, online games, etc.
  • Use Windows Update or Apple System Update.
  • Update & use your antivirus software (Run FULL virus scans weekly.)
  • Update your web browser(s), Adobe Flash Player, and Java from their respective websites ONLY.
  • Call us if you have any doubts about the software you are about to download; that’s why we are here.
  • Password protect your computer administrator user accounts; if anyone else uses your computer, create a secondary non-admin account for them. Do NOT let anyone else have your admin password! If someone knows your password, change it!
  • Read the fine print!! Failure to do this is the primary source of AdWare/MalWare infections!!



  • Depend on your Anti-virus software to keep you safe.
  • Let someone you don’t know VERY well use your ‘admin’ account.
  • Download anything on a whim; take time to investigate it first.
  • Open links you got in an email (especially concerning a financial matter) even if the e-mail looks official, unless you first check to see if the link is what it says it is. Links can be made to look like they are one thing when in reality they are something quite different – hover over the link with your cursor and see what they really are.
  • Install ANY of the below software:
    • AnyProtect
    • DesktopWeatherAlerts
    • FlashplayerPro
    • HDShop
    • Media Enhance
    • Mega Browse
    • myPCBackup
    • MySearchDial
    • PC Optimizer Pro
    • Quiknowledge
    • RegClean Pro
    • Search Protect
    • Video-Saver
    • VO Package